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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 15, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PST

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signing autographs for fan. no official word whether they are reconciling. oprah winfrey is in trouble for a tweet. she asked her followers to try to give her struggling network a ratings boost during the grammies. every one who can please turn to own especially if you have a sneel son box. they are not supposed so lady "o" and has since deleted the tweet. >> brian: that is wow. >> lizzie: sort of a faux pas. we are 12 days from holiday's biggest nice, 81st academy awards and get the latest buzz at or download our exclusive oscar app for iphones for information on the go. oscar sunday is february 26th right here on abc7.
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i will be reporting from the red carpet the day after. i can't wait. we've got some reaction from you guys. you guys have been airing out with us. tony bennett, we asked you what song best represents the mood of valentine's day. >> brian: have a great, great valentine's day. [ cellphone rings ] hey honey! mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom!
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less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. here's a better idea... pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits. in just 15 minutes, the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy. city leaders may not be able to count on their neighbor. >> the city of berkeley is taking a stand. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. >> they may not respond to calls, but authorities in another city are cracking down with force. alan wang is live with the story tonight. alan? >> yes, dan and this could this could have other cities examining the way they respond to calls for mutual aid.
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tonight the city of berkeley passed a standard mutual aid agreement, but they still want to set parameters around the decision to help other police departments. incidents like this one during the occupy oakland demonstrations, and on this one during the occupy protest at uc berkeley, they lead the ci le berkeley to refuse mutual police aide to oakland and the university last fall.est our police to automatically respond. we need to seriously evaluate how to respond. >> and now the city councilmember wants to make it clear they will not offer mutual aid to mutual administrations. >> what i saw in terms of abuse of police authority are not the things that members of the armed forces went into the service to defend and protect the constitution. >> the proposal calls for berkeley police to handle
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civil disobedience as if it were managing an event. it requires the police chief to call off mutual aid if the atmosphere does not provide human rights safe -- safeguards and would prib some tactics -- prohibit some tactics. >> some organizations across the country are actually watching this particular decision with a lot of concern around the agreements. >> but many of the peaceful protests have evolved to all out riots. >> we want to be as nonviolent as possible. >> but if things get out of hand we will respond accordingly. >> in response, the oakland police department says even if berkeley refuses to offer mutual aid, they will still give berkeley mutual aid if berkeley asks for it. the proposal for the special conditions will be analyzed by the police review commission and the city council will likely vote on it in early may. reporting live in berkeley,al ben -- alan wang, abc news.
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>> thank you. investigators in san juaquin county found another 700 bone fragments in an old well outside of linden. they confirmed that a set of remains in calaveras county are those of wheeler. the 16-year-old disappeared from a high school in stockton in 1985. wes shermamtine lead crews to these sites after making a financial deal with the sacramento bounty hunter. deputies removed about 45 feet of dirt in and around the well. >> we are at 45 feet deep, and i couldn't tell you how much deeper we are going to go. until we stop finding remains. we found purses, coats, shoes, jewelry, personal items. >> investigators say they will try to connect the fragments, basically rebuild a skeleton, and they will run dna tests in
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an effort to identify the remains. alameda county's chief probation officer is on administrative leave following accusations of sexual harassment by a female deputy. she filed a lawsuit against david mohamed. it accuses him of assaulting her twice last may, with once in her car at the san leandro marina and once outside a restaurant. they issued a statement denying the charges and promised full cooperation with the investigation which is being handled by the attorney general's office. mohamed was hired just over a year ago. a developing story in san francisco tonight where a car slammed into a house, and the couple who lives there had to evacuate. johnal stone is live for us in the -- john alston is live for us. >> carolyn, the car is still in the house. police and fire officials investigate and the building inspector is here checking for structural damage. the dodge cruiser went into the corner of the house near the garage.
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right before 9:30 tonight neighbors said they heard the car come screeching down the hill on balboa at 43rd avenue. the car veered left into the home on the corner right where the electric meter was. pg&e came here, and they turned off all power as well as gas. susan francis was inside with her husband. they just finished their valentine's day dinner and they were watching tv. >> my husband and i were in the living room. we just heard this long, screeching then an impact, a crash. my husband right away said to call 9-1-1. i did that. when i came out here other people were out here pulling the man out of the car. >> she says they actually did not feel the house shake at the time. the driver was said to be dazed and disor yepted -- disoriented when he got out of the car. it is unknown if alcohol was a factor. he was taken to the hospital. the family will be able to
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stay in the house tonight. of course, they are not going to have power or electricity or gas. they are going to have to deal with their insurance companies to take care of this. as we come back live, this has been a bad intersection in the past. a car came down balboa and crashed into it is dawn dree mat across -- laundromat you a cross from the house where it is still boarded up. and tonight we saw another accident. john alston, abc news, thanks very much. same sex couples tied the knot at san francisco city hall, just not the way they hoped. police used plastic ties to handcuff several gay and lesbian couples who went to the clerk's office and asked for a marriage license on this valentine's day. when they were denied they sat on the floor and held hands and sang until they were arrested. >> unfortunately loving couples were turned away by the city clerk. she would love to marry all loving couples equally, but she is not allowed to because
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of proposition 8. >> they wanted to help us out and give us marriage licenses, but they cannot. >> a total of eight demonstrators were handcuffed and cited for unlawful assembly and then released. a federal court striking down proposition 8 left the stay on marriages in affect while the issue goes through the appeals process. this valentine's day was a busy one for county clerks with a rush of couples getting married. a mass wedding ceremony took place at the government center to accommodate everyone who wanted to tie the knot. seven couples got married simultaneously in the civil ceremony. in all, 47 couples took their marriage vows at the government center. on a typical day, about 17 couples get married there. coming up next, the memorial for whitney houston and the family's decision to keep her funeral private. >> and if there was any doubt about the 49ers' move to santa clara, a vote tonight should put that to rest. the latest pieces of the stadium puzzle. >> and what a man did to win a
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high octane ride on an america's cup racing boat jie. and then later on "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline," it is a steamy knew christian movement as pastors are urging their flock to have more sex to bring them back t anod. and extreme penny pinchers. they compete to live on a dime and win major cash.
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smell, and really enjoy. resolve deep clean powder. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. 49ers are a major step closer to playing in the south bay. santa clara has just signed off on the signed contractor, te terms, the pebble tees. the penalties. it looks like the goal is to complete it a year ahead of schedule. lisa, when did they help you get it built? >> august 31st, 2014, just in time for football season. if the contractors can't do it, they will face major penalties. a new stadium and a new home by 2014. >> not only is it a great contract to make sure things are built on time and on budget with the best people and the best materials, it means that we will have football here able to play in 2014. >> reporter: if the contractor doesn't meet its deadlines, it will be fined $6 million per missed game with a cap of $20
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million. and there will be daily penalties. but if they meet their goal, it will get a $5 million bonus. the contractor also promises to create local jobs. >> i think we are going to peak at something like 1400 people on the project. >> we need this so bad to put the economy and people back to work. >> even though the council voted in favor of the contractor terms, there are still those opposed to the stadium deal. santa plays fair gathered thousands of signatures to stop the stadium claiming it put taxpayer dollars at risk. the city is refuting that and letting the courts decide. >> please reconsider. >> they are the ones who took us to court for gathering signatures, and then they turn around and push this through. what is the hurry?
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>> the issue will go before a judge on march 5th. official ground breaking is set at the site of the stadium. that is still going to happen on m 1st. live in santa clara, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you, lisa. legendary pop star whitney houston will be laid to rest in her hometown of newark, new jersey. new jersey's governor is ordering flags on all government buildings flown at half staff on saturday memo her memory. houston's body arrived under heavy police escort last night. her family chose to remember her in a private service rather than a large event set in an arena. no other public memorial is planned at this point. the 48-year-old singer was found dead on saturday in the bathtub of her beverly hills hotel suite. toxicology results to determine how houston died are expected to take several weeks. abc's "20/20" will air a special called" one moment in time, the life of whitney
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houston" friday night at 9:00 on abc7. american warships are on high alert ahead of iran's expected announcement tomorrow of what it is calling key nuclear achievements. the destroyer is part of a nave vee task force on patrol that controls access to saudi arabia's fields. 10% passes through it, so it is critical. the straight along the coast is heavily controlled by the iranian navy who warned the u.s. to stay away. a news agency says tehran will announce tomorrow that the new your uranium enrichment plant is fully we s. back at home, a youth center is a big -- and i mean a big step closer to getting a van it so desperately needs. we first learned of the development center's need for a van during the abc7's listens meetings. it would be used to pick up
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people at the senor it. somebody saw the story and donated a 26-foot truck. they hope the group can trade it in for a van. we appreciate people stepping forward like that. if your group would like to team up with abc7 to host the next meeting go to our community page at /community and click on abc7. he stayed ashore for his cause. he began waiting outside the tap room yesterday to guarantee he would be first in line at this valentine night party. the reason was he was riding on a practice yacht, the first person who asked him at tonight's party. >> it is a nonprofit and we are trying to raise money for the breast cancer foundation. if i do get it, i am going to auction it off and donate the
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money. >> what are you gunning for? >> a couple thousand bucks. it would be reasonable. >> and he got it all right. watson is preparing to cruise around the world on his pink boat in an effort to raise a million dollars for breast cancer research. >> cool hat too. we have showers moving in. >> i have some slick streets to report. we will show you where it is raining. napa county airport is reporting some very light returns right now. petaluma and novato and you can see on 101, likely seeing some showers at this point. brandy tweets from cloverdale, "it is sprinkling right now" and i asked if it was wet enough to dampen the ground and she said absolutesly. look at northeast of chico. numerous lightning strikes, and they have some thunderstorms developing there northeast of chico. this is where the action is the sierra nevada is where we
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are going to see some more action. interstate 80 is starting to get some snow. this will be a pretty good snow maker for the see sierra heavy heavy. sierra nevada. february, we have had five days of rain in the month of february i know we are halfway through. .67 for san francisco. we average 11 days of measurable rain, and the average rainfall for the month of february is just under 4.50 inches. look how far behind we are. we are not seeing typical february weather. yes, we are getting a few showers, but nothing like we normally see. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. a slight chance of showers and breezy in the afternoon. milder days for your thursday and your friday. here is a look at the storm. there is coming in from the north. it is not coming in from the west and picking up the moisture. it is a weak front for the bay area that is coming in
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through. the dynamics with the front are concentrated right here. the sierra nevada will get a decent amount of snow. the rainfall as you look at our computer animation, a few clouds and a few light showers. and then we start to see a few sh theloping around the santa cruz mountains around midnight. as the cold front comes through, you could see some drizzle or light showers, so be aware.turning breezy turning breezy out of the north, northwest 20 to 25 miles an hour. it is a mostly sunny wednesday afternoon. even though it will be a cool one. for the high country, we are looking at a winter advisory at 1:00 a.m. it is continuing in until 10:00 a.m. up until eight inches of snow and three to six inches above 5500. chain controls are possible and the levels are coming down to 2000 feet. they could see a dusting in foo. like i said, this is more of a . here tonight with the breeze
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in the clouds. i raised the temperatures not as cold as i anticipated. 40s for most of the bay area. tomorrow afternoon, mid50s to low 60s and you will see the sun. temperatures in the mid50s and breezy conditions expected that way. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. it is after the early morning chance of showers, way are looking at a dry, breezy afternoon. it is sunny and warmer for your thursday and friday and cooling off over the week end. a chance of rain on sunday afternoon into president's day. dan and carolyn, that storm does not look like a big one, but i know cal trans is really watching. >> thanks, sandhya. celebrating the 50th anniversary of tony bennett. >> and oscar sunday keep in mind is february 26th here on abc7. you can predict the winners and get the latest buzz about the show right now at
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>> you can also download the exclusive app for i phones and ipads. it offers live videos from the red carpet and from back oscar s on oscar sunday. stay with us. f
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forget dinner and flowers on valentine's day. this group in san francisco prefers pillows. they came out swinging during the great san francisco valentine's day pillow fight. public workst crews might not feel the love. san francisco celebrated two heart felt events. it was the anniversary of the tony bennett song that has become the san francisco anthem. >> ♪ i left my heart ♪ in san francisco >> mayor ed le declared it tony bennett day in san francisco complete with keys to the city. >> ♪ i left my heart
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♪ in san francisco >> and that was tony bennett this afternoon very venetian room where "i left my heart" began. >> it is hard to believe he is 85. >> and now some important information. >> the latest stop on the journey. he does it again with half a second left. the winning streak continues. we are coming at you with all guns blazing.ab@a@a@a@a@a@a@a@aa
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good evening. the legend of jeremy lindh continues to amaze. he hit the game winner with half a second left. he has become like the pied piper. the pre game press conference was packed. this is lin-tense. remember a few months ago he
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was playing for the erie bay hawks in the d-league. this is a miracle. >> there are a lot of things that had to happen. i couldn't control it. you can call it coincidence, but at the end of the day there are 20 or 30 things that had to happen at the right time in order for me to be here. that's what i call a miracle. >> enjoy. he is a good kid. >> be warned. i am firing everyone in the arsonal on the drive here. lynn for three. the knicks were down and the nicks were down by three. the knicks were down by three. they were indestructible and it ties the game. the final seconds and clear it up for the harvard man. 27 points and 11 assists. 90-87 the final. they win their 6th in a
2:33 am
row. >> we caught it at the top of the key. he was trying to push me less and he backed me up a little bit. i thought i could hit the three. i tried to take it down as little as possible. i thank my lord and savior. i was thankful it went in. >> such a great story. the warriors host portland and will face the blazers. he turned his ankle in the game against washington. him.alan grimacing he would not return and he is not going to play against golden state. the refs are in the way and dribbles around him. then he says, that's the end of your fun. the wizzards get the win on the roared 124-109 -- on the road 124-109. andy roddick will play in san jose. this evening hp pavilion and a match between two 19-year-old americans.
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kudlaw ripping the winners on both sides. first the forehand and then the backhand down the line as he was on in three sets, 6-4, 6-7 and 6-3. >> don't want to miss with the doaber minute. irish setter, one of the seven dogs to reach the final. best in show goes to the pea -- pekanese. and that is the toyota sports report. >> that is some pekaniese. very fluffy. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. thank you for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. see you tomorrow.
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laying yellow roses and softly blowing a kiss. no sign of police or coroner investigators here as they wait for toxicology results to determine if the small amount of prescription drugs and alcohol abc news has learned were found in her room had anything to do with whitney houston's death. ♪ didn't we almost have it all fans in newark, new jersey found out this may be as close as they get to saturday's memorial service. houston's family, led by matriarch cissy, who welcomed her daughter's body home, it arrived in a golden hearse, told fans through the funeral director there is no room for them. >> this is their private times. they have shared her for 30-some
2:37 am
years with the city, with the state, with the world. >> reporter: the funeral will be by invitation only. at the church where whitney once sang gospel music as a child. ♪ and there is word from the coroner's office that their investigation will include asking whitney houston's doctors for her medical records and also asking those doctors about the drugs they prescribed her. jim avila, abc news, beverly hills. >> of course there's been lots of questions and concern about the couple's daughter, bobbi kritinaf1 oy bsiht she cf o uch fter in private here but it's also imporat they do find out exac whwas ng. own obviouss wi addiction, but won cto i read some alarming stat that said accidental overdoses in this country kill more people than car crashes right now. think about that for a second. it's staggering. there's a root problem hopefully they get to. >> it's a deadly mix, if you mix it with alcohol, even anti-depressants or antibiotics. some of these, you mix them all
2:38 am
together -- >> fatal mix. >> it's very, very scary. >> see how it goes. switching gears now, there is good news for 160 million american workers this morning. congress has ended its partisan standoff and struck a tentative tax cut deal. it would simply extend that 2% payroll tax cut until the end of this year. it would also extend long-term unemployment benefits and on top of that prevent a 27% cut in medicare reimbursements to doctors. the president could sign that bill by the end of the week. well, the first couple celebrated valentine's day with an evening out as romantic as it could be with an entourage of secret service agents. the president took mrs. obama to dinner at a very nice restaurant in old town alexandria, earlier in the day he had urge all takehol serkingate a publi anom >> today is valentine's day. do not forget. i speak from experience here. it is important that you remember this and go big. that's my advice. >> well, the president also sent
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a greeting to his wife on twitter saying, "hey, michelle obama, happy valentine's day." he signed it with his initials, b.o., which signals that he actually wrote it himself, that he didn't have a handler do it. >> that's right. go big, the president said. good advice, mr. president. here's a look at your friday -- friday. see, my mind's already at the end of the week. here's your wednesday forecast. >> let's just put it out there. it's friday, everybody. >> wouldn't it be nice? it will be spring-like here in the northeast. we have some hail storms and tornadoes that will threaten the gulf coast. also some thunderstorms from little rock to southern illinois. rain from san francisco to san diego. upper 30s in omaha and detroit. 74 in dallas. atlanta 64. and new york's 54. i love this song. >> keep on doing your dance. there you go. ♪ da, daa >> you keep doing -- no. sheth


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